A message from a Trauma and Injury Prevention Practitioner

A message from a Trauma and Injury Prevention Practitioner

As Trauma and Injury Prevention practitioners, we are firsthand witnesses to the tragedies caused by motor vehicle crashes – the #1 killer of American teens. We are uniquely positioned to understand this dire problem and the importance of educating young drivers. The impactful program, In One Instant, has been designed specifically for this purpose.

In One Instant is an award-winning, emotionally charged program that empowers teens to make smart choices and save lives. The program speaks directly to teens in an honest and realistic way. It involves teens on an emotional level, bonds them to their community, and fosters change from within. 

I am enlisting your help to bring this powerful video program and activities to high schools, community organizations, and hospital-based outreach programs. The program provides teens with the tools they need for long-lasting change. It’s effective, easy to implement, and time efficient. The In One Instant Team provides you with everything you need. 

Please watch the quick four-minute trailer and testimonial videos available on the In One Instant website homepage to get a better idea of what the program entails: http://www.inoneinstant.org/

Together, we can reduce motor vehicle crashes and trauma among our youth.

Together, we can affect societal change.

Kristen Spencer
Injury Prevention and Outreach Nurse
Natividad Medical Center