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This is a great leadership opportunity for students! The program can be done in one class period or expanded over several days. We provide everything you need. In One Instant Teen Safe Driving Program is a groundbreaking, peer-driven experience. It’s an award-winning video program for schoolwide In-Classroom or Virtual presentation, including numerous discussion and fun activities for after the program.

When you bring the program to your high school, it results in a shift in everyone’s approach to making smart, safe driving decisions. You will actually be helping to save so many more lives in your community.

Quick Overview
For Student Leaders

In One Instant is an award-winning, teen safe driving video program with follow-up activities that has been implemented in over 4,500 schools nationwide. The Program makes the topic of distracted, reckless, and impaired driving personal and relevant. By engaging students on an emotional level, they learn how to stay safe behind the wheel, and influence their friends and family to do the same.

Implementing In One Instant Teen Safe Driving Video Program at your school is simple and easy, and we’re to help you along the way!

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Student Leader’s Guide

In One Instant is a multimedia, peer-driven, experiential program designed to empower teens to make smart choices and save lives. The program creates shifts in mindset and behaviors around responsible driving and challenges each student to reflect on the impact their decisions have on family, friends, and the community.

You can implement the program in one class period, with optional add-ons in a classroom, as an assembly or virtually.

Teen Driving Tips and Community Service

It’s always something small. Eating a burger, adjusting the radio, putting on makeup, sending a text message. These are all little things. They take seconds to do. Yet these little things have created one big problem: distracted driving is the #1 killer of American teens. It doesn’t need to be this way; we can change the little things.

It starts with a choice. Your choice. When you speak up and take action, others will follow suit. But you have to take the first step: make a conscious choice to become part of the solution.

Take the Vow

I’m taking the pledge with In One Instant and its lifesaving teen safe driving program:

“I vow to live a life that will last…
A life in which I will not drive under the infuence…
I will not drive recklessly…
And I will not text while driving.
I will make sure my friends and family know to do the same. I vow to live a life I can be proud of.”
– J. Barnett, 18