A Message From Merle Price

A Message From Merle Price, Former Principal and Deputy Superintendent, LAUSD

The worst experience a school may face is the death of a student, especially in the case of a sudden and preventable accident, which for teens most frequently involves driving distractions due to texting, cell phone use, recklessness, and impairment. Those who have experienced the aftermath of such a tragedy know that the trauma to classmates, families, faculty and staff goes beyond anything that they have been prepared for and will impact the school community for a long time.In One Instant is an award-winning and research-based resource for schools that has demonstrated ability to impact teens and their decision making in ways that can prevent tragic driving collisions. This video assembly program and toolkit have been developed with input from health and safety professionals, teachers, counselors, school administrators, psychologists, parents and teens themselves. It is easily administered with follow up materials for administrators, students, teachers, and parents.

With minimal disruption to instructional programs and school schedules, this program can provide a bonding experience between teens, their parents, and school personnel to help teens recognize the importance of their decisions and the role they play in preventing tragedies.

Your role in bringing this powerful program to your school has the potential to save lives. Many parents, teens, and administrators have acknowledged how this powerful and emotional experience impacts teen driving behavior, promotes smarter choices, and creates long-lasting change.

Please take a few minutes to see how easily this life saving program has been successfully implemented at many high schools and consider bringing this invaluable set of resources to your school community.

Merle Price

Merle Price

Former Principal, Palisades Charter High School, Pacific Palisades, CA
Former Deputy Superintendent, Instruction, LAUSD
Lecturer, Principal Leadership Institute, UCLA
Lecturer, California State University, Northridge, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies