High School Fundraiser

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Thank you for your interest in signing up for the Umergency High School Fundraiser. The Umergency app, winner of the Best In Health Tech Award,  is offered free to students and for a nominal fee to parents, relatives, and close friends. It was used over 85,000 times last year. Your data is completely safe, confidential, and secure with Umergency’s strongest level of privacy protection. All your personal information is always kept private.

Receive a donation of 30% of app subscriptions from anyone who signs up with your school name. Recently, a participating organization has already received over $14,000!

All you have to do is complete the simple fundraiser enrollment form below. Once received, we’ll send you all the messaging you need to get started. You’ll have 90 days to share and sign-up as many of your school’s families as you can. Remember, the more parents you sign-up, the more your school will benefit.

98% of parents are unprepared for an emergency. Umergency will prepare you and your family when you need it most. Check out this one-minute Intro Video to see all the app’s helpful features and resources.

Vow to save a life!