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Prevent Distracted and Impaired Driving

In One Instant Teen Safe Driving Program is a groundbreaking, peer-driven experience. It’s an award-winning video program with engaging follow-up activities for schoolwide in-person or virtual learning. It’s easy to implement and can be done in one class period or expanded to an entire unit.

Whether you’re an educator or student leader, bringing the program to your high school will result in a shift in everyone’s approach to making smart, safe driving decisions—and you’ll be helping to save lives in your community.

Program Impact

After experiencing the program, MORE STUDENTS show significant positive behavioral shifts

Vow to save a life!


Here’s why In One Instant has made a successful impact in over 3,500 schools across the country.

See what students and administrators are saying about the program.

Public Service Announcements by NASCAR and Toyota Racing for In One Instant

Around the Track or Around Town, Driver Safety Means Full Focus
Videos from Christopher Bell and Antron Brown, and Toyota track reporter, Jamie Little talk directly to teen drivers—and all drivers—about the importance of staying focused behind the wheel.

Christopher Bell
Toyota Racing Development (TRD) alum and Team Toyota NASCAR driver Christopher Bell, 27, has been training since he was a teen to drive at the speeds required to make it to the winner’s circle.

Jamie Little
For NASCAR pit reporter Jamie Little, keeping her eyes on the track is a full-time job. But according to Little, paying attention to the road is just as important when the cameras are off.  

Antron Brown
Whether he’s on the track or driving through the neighborhood, three-time Top Fuel champion drag racer, Antron Brown, has strict car-safety rules — and those rules apply to everyone in the Brown family.

98% of Parents are unprepared to deal with an emergency.

“Every Parent with a child in high school or college needs this app!”

– A. Caster, MD

98% of Parents are unprepared to deal with an emergency.

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