In One Instant Receives Support from Honda to Help Save Teen Lives

Honda contribution will bring teen safe driving program to more U.S. schools, aiming to prevent distracted and impaired driving 


LOS ANGELES (July 31, 2023) –The ground-breaking and award-winning safe driving experience for teens “In One Instant  has received a generous contribution from Honda to expand the national impact of the program. In One Instant is dedicated to reducing the number one killer of American teens – distracted and impaired driving.

The multimedia, immersive In One Instant program is designed to empower students to make smart driving choices and save lives. It challenges each student to reflect on the impact their decisions have on family, friends, and the community. Currently, over 4,000 U.S. schools have implemented In One Instant.

“In One Instant is thrilled to receive this Traffic Safety Pillar award from Honda, which will lead to saving so many more lives,” commented Gail Schenbaum, Co-Founder and President of Community Partners, the nonprofit organization leading the In One Instant program. “We’re proud to have Honda as a partner, as In One Instant’s work is aligned with Honda’s commitment to helping people safely and confidently enjoy the freedom of mobility both on and off the road.”

In One Instant is a peer-driven program that confronts teens with the fatal consequences of dangerous driving. At the same time, it motivates and teaches them to adopt safe driving behaviors, and to influence their friends and families to do the same. The organization estimates that for every student participating in In One Instant, four to six additional people are positively impacted.

“Striving for a collision-free society is one of our most monumental dreams,” said Yvette Hunsicker, vice president, Corporate Social Responsibility at American Honda. “Honda believes in Safety for Everyone, and we proudly support the In One Instant program in its mission to empower our future generations with smart, safe driving as they take the wheel.”  

“With Honda’s support, In One Instant is poised to reach an additional 40,000 people in the 2023-24 school year,” explained Schenbaum.

According to CDC statistics, the leading cause of teenage deaths is motor vehicle crashes. To address this issue, In One Instant, a program created by teens for teens, features a gripping 30-minute video with engaging follow-up activities. Participants experience a shift in the way they think as drivers and passengers, which results in smarter decisions that save lives. The program also provides flexibility for school implementation and can be done in one class period or expanded to an entire unit. It can be presented in school-wide assemblies or individual classrooms – live or virtually.

Pre-and post-program surveys conducted by In One Instant show its efficacy. After completing the program, 86% of all students surveyed expressed their commitment to no longer texting while driving; 91% said they will no longer drive while impaired or even get in the car with an impaired driver; and 89% report that they will always wear their seat belt while in a car.

About In One Instant Teen Safe Driving Program
In 2010, In One Instant Co-Founder and President Gail Schenbaum became passionate about combating the greatest cause of adolescent death – distracted and impaired driving. Having been a schoolteacher, film producer, and high school mom, Schenbaum knew that teens will listen to teens much more than to adults. She organized a group of savvy adolescents to create a program that would spur their peers to take action against dangerous driving, and influence their communities to do the same. The award-winning program is now being implemented in more than 4,000 U.S. schools. Learn more at


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For more than 60 years in the U.S., Honda has been committed to making positive contributions to the communities where its associates live and work. Honda’s mission is to create products and services that help people fulfil their life’s potential, while conducting business in a sustainable manner and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Advancing its corporate social responsibility, Honda and the Honda USA Foundation support this direction through giving focused on education, the environment, mobility, traffic safety and community. 

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