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Students are at risk and parents are unprepared

Did you know that 98% of parents are unprepared for an emergency involving their high school or college student? The Umergency health & safety app provides everything you need to quickly and effectively manage any emergency situation.

Why Umergency?

Winner of the Best In Health Tech Award, Umergency is offered free to students and for a nominal fee to parents, relatives, and close friends. It was used over 85,000 times last year. User data is completely safe, confidential, and secure with Umergency’s state of the art privacy protection. All personal information is always kept private.

Umergency provides instant access to essential emergency health & safety resources and is customized to a school’s campus, local community–wherever and whenever it’s needed most through the U.S. and Canada.

Watch this one-minute Intro Video to see how the app can help you and your family stay prepared.

How to start earning $$$ for your organization

Participating organizations will receive a 30% of app subscription fees from any adult who signs up (the app is always free for students). Recently, a participating school organization has already received over $14,000! 

All you have to do is complete the simple fundraiser enrollment form by clicking the button below. You’ll have 90 days to start sharing and signing-up as many families as you can–the more adults you sign-up, the greater the revenue. 

Vow to save a life!