Cindy Gruberth, Parent

“The program clearly showed the peer pressure involved between friends, and my son and I realize that we have the right to make a decision that is safe and smart, even if it disappoints friends… We as a family have decided to just TURN THE PHONE OFF WHILE DRIVING. That way we are not distracted by texts or calls, and when we arrive safely, we can return any messages that came in while we were driving.”

Monica Iannessa, Assistant Principal, Palisades Charter High School

“In One Instant accomplishes the very important job of teaching our students how to make smart choices, how to stay alive, how to stay safe, how to take care of each other. That’s the most important gift you can give to a school.”

Palisades Charter High School

“In One Instant made me reconsider a lot of my behaviors, and reconsider speaking up when I see things happening.”

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